Melinda Miley

Josh Davies, a Brafton Content Marketing Strategist based in the U.K., spends his workdays managing client accounts and developing strategies that ensure success.

In his role, Josh uses SEO data and research to create powerful content marketing tactics that align with his client’s target objectives. He handles client communications and works closely with industry professionals in a wide range of industries. As an added bonus, Josh also gets work one-on-one with Brafton’s creative team to ensure the strategies he creates get delivered to his clients.

“I love that Brafton is a global business, and I have the opportunity to work with loads of different industries and plenty of different industry professionals,” Josh shared. “Plus, I enjoy the added opportunity to travel. While COVID hasn’t allowed me to make my way to the Boston office yet, it’s something that I look forward to doing in the future.”

Client Management With a Side of SEO

Before he found Brafton, Josh was an Account Coordinator for an SEO digital marketing agency. One day, while perusing LinkedIn, Josh saw the opportunity to join the Brafton team and, well, the rest is history.

“I was really excited to have the chance to work with a wide range of clients, be given the opportunity to manage accounts and take on new responsibilities,” Josh explained.

Over a year later, Josh is overseeing strategies and implementing SEO practices to ensure success on behalf of his clients. In his day-to-day work, Josh develops content strategies for clients to empower them to reach their marketing goals. He works closely with clients as well as creative team members and project managers to ensure all deliverables are met.

However, strategy is only one aspect of Josh’s role. As a Content Marketing Strategist, he’s also responsible for overseeing his clients’ SEO strategies. This involves performing keyword research, curating social media ideas and developing ideas to enhance UX.

“It’s hard work at times,” Josh said. “But it’s so rewarding when things go right.”

With big challenges come big rewards. For Josh, these rewards are his client successes. He’s played a critical role in helping businesses formulate marketing strategies for virtual product launches and perform SEO work that has significantly increased their digital visibility. One of Josh’s favorite moments in his Brafton career was working with a client to create map designs of the most translated books across the world. Not only did it lead to additional business ventures with the client, but the project was featured in the New York Times and recently won a 2022 Gold AVA Digital Award.

Helping Clients Overcome Any Mountain

Josh’s SEO and content marketing strategies have elevated his clients to new heights, but that’s nothing new for him. An avid skier since he was 4 years old, the winter sport is still Josh’s main passion today. In fact, before getting started in his marketing career, Josh traveled the world as a ski instructor. Some of his destinations included Japan, Australia, Austria, France and Canada.

Skiing requires a great deal of perseverance and not being afraid to fall. As the saying goes, “In skiing, if you’re not falling, you’re not learning.” The same applies to managing clients and strategies.

“In my role, I’m always learning something,” Josh explained. “And that’s something that I love — feeling like I’m constantly learning something new. Often, I’ll use data to create a content strategy, only to have to change it later based on client requests or shifts in the market. But that’s just a new opportunity for me to dig deeper, learn something new and then apply my findings to the strategy.”

Buckling Up and Taking On New Challenges

To be a good skier, you’ve got to be flexible. Josh says his role as a Content Marketing Strategist is no different.

“I try to use research and industry data to create a content strategy that will produce really great results,” Josh explains. “But sometimes, that strategy will need to change. So I have to be agile, adaptive and always ready to strategize a new way to overcome a challenge.”

Josh finds that clear, consistent communication combined with valuable resources are critical to ensuring a successful strategy. He relies on SEO programs like Semrush, Moz and BrightLocal to create data-driven SEO processes for clients. Josh will also use HubSpot as a content marketing resource and various UX design apps for staying up-to-date on the latest trends and research.

After a day of strategizing and organizing client-facing and internal communications, Josh enjoys unwinding with a walk in the woods. He appreciates the solitude and spending time in nature, which allows him to regroup his thoughts before he’s back in his office, strategizing his next marketing endeavor.