Kimberly Mehrtens

Working from the bustling city of São Paulo, Brazil, Tiago Berezoski works as a Motion Designer for the Brafton team. From storyboarding to communicating with clients on their unique projects, he ensures that every experience is customized to meet project goals and needs.

Outside of work, Tiago spends his time learning about aviation, playing video games and being a full-time father to his six-month-old daughter. He brings his passion for art into every facet of his life, which can easily be seen in his animations and creations for Brafton clients.

Pursuing Art From the Start

Tiago graduated from Universidade Positivo with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design in 2007. As a young artist, he started out as a comic book illustrator. From there, he began working additionally as a video editor — a hint of what was to come when he eventually joined Brafton.

However, Tiago also spent a great deal of time creating one-of-a-kind shadowboxes as a freelancer.

“Before I joined Brafton, I was creating shadowboxes,” says Tiago. “I’m also an illustrator, so I built an Instagram page (@paperkut_z) for my work and started to sell personalized shadowboxes.”

These custom papercut illustrations showcased important moments and people in his customers’ lives. With bright colors and palpable joy, his freelance creations are great examples of the high-quality work he makes for each client.

However, as destiny would have it, Tiago took a step back from his shadowbox wonders in December 2020 when he saw a LinkedIn post for a Motion Designer position at Brafton.

From Freelance to Teamwork

Animation is at the heart of interactive, engaging art — it’s easily sharable and versatile to fit a wide variety of brand needs. As a Motion Designer, Tiago thrives in creating art that can bring a client or brand’s story to life through motion graphics.

And he doesn’t do it alone! As a freelance illustrator, Tiago’s pieces were built independently, but as part of the Brafton team, he’s able to collaborate and implement new ideas into the different stages of his projects.

“It’s amazing! All of the people I work with are incredibly helpful and nice,” says Tiago. “We solve issues quickly through great communication between the different teams.”

As interactive assets, animations need to optimize marketing strategy while maintaining innovative ideas, whether via hand-drawn animated illustrations, 2D animations or 3D renderings. Alongside the design team, Tiago is able to broaden his skill sets while creating art that speaks to individual audiences. He highlights these opportunities as his favorite part of working for Brafton.

“I love the energy of the Brafton team,” says Tiago. “We’re always talking about something new and there are always new ideas to apply to our animations and opportunities to increase our skills.”

Life@ Tiago

Keeping Busy Outside the 9 to 5

Even when Tiago clocks out for the day, he’s staying just as busy as the city he lives in by pursuing his other hobbies outside of graphic design.

“In my free time,” says Tiago, “I love to play video games and stay active with sports.”

However, he notes that he only starts playing video games after he puts his six-month-old daughter to bed at night. Once that’s done, he’s ready to relax, take a moment for himself and spend time playing different games — especially virtual reality (VR) games.

“I like to play flying simulations and zombie shooters,” says Tiago. “I also like to use VR for exercise. Fun fact, I was doing exercises last month and hit my shin on a table — that proves that video games can be dangerous sometimes!”

He’s also spent a lot of time playing open-world RPGs, such as Horizon, and has devoted 110 hours to the new Elden Ring game.

As far as other interests, Tiago also emphasizes his love for all things related to aviation and planes, which he researches and learns more about in his free time.

Every day, Tiago is surrounded by art and graphic design — and that’s just the way he likes it. He approaches every project with a unique angle and passion that stand out from the crowd. From learning new concepts to sharing innovative ideas with the rest of his design team, his contributions to the Brafton team are innumerable and we couldn’t be more thankful!