Liam Carnahan

We begin this week where we left off – with the mania surrounding the upcoming wedding of Prince William and his stunning fiancee Kate Middleton. With exactly one week to go, fans of the royal family are even more amped up about the nuptials than they were seven days ago.

For comparison, last week I wrote that the term “Royal Wedding” yielded 12,000 results on Google News. Today, a search for the same phrase has nearly doubled in size with more than 21,000 results.

In fact, the wedding itself is driving all sorts of search terms, according to CNN Money. A number of key phrases related to the royal wedding have spiked in recent weeks. The term “sapphire engagement rings” rose 50 percent compared to last year, likely because the ring William gave to Kate is adorned with the blue stone.

Kate Middleton's curious hat (or hair accessory?) known as the Fascinator has also been driving Google searches – queries for “Fascinator” have increased 50 percent since January alone. Despite the fact that the hat has dropped out of the news more or less, the fashion statement is still generating buzz on Twitter – a Google Realtime search for “Fascinator” showed Tweets involving the phrase appearing every half hour.

Of course, the Royal Wedding isn't the only news item currently on the minds of industry watchers. Because this week was Earth Week, a number of interesting green movements have made the headlines.

In fact, today is the 41st anniversary of Earth Day. Currently, organizers of the celebration of our planet are calling for “A Billion Acts of Green,” urging individuals to step up and do something environmentally friendly on this special day.

Starbucks is joining in the celebration by offering free coffee to any patron who brings in a reusable travel mug. This is obviously a popular initiative, as the term “Starbucks” was rated as the second hottest phrase on Google Trends.

Next week, we can only expect to see more of William and Kate. The wedding will be broadcast live in YouTube, and a flurry of blogger comments are sure to follow. Additionally, the Easter goings-on this weekend will likely generate some media coverage, so internet marketers should keep an eye on holiday-related trends.