Molly Buccini

Hi there, Molly here with this week’s Content in Coffee. Watch the video above and follow along with the script below.

We’ve been talking a lot recently about how content supports business goals – particularly when you’re looking to boost bottom funnel goals like leads and conversions.

The content on your site has to attract a reader, but once it comes time for the reader to decide if they want to bounce off your page or engage further, you need to have strong calls to action pointing them toward your end goal.

Creating a call to action shouldn’t be a random choice. It needs to be very specific to the driving force of your business. What’s the product or service that drives revenue? That should be where most of your calls to action point.  

When it comes to the design of your CTA, I spoke with our own director, Ken Boostrom. He said a good CTA utilizes the brand aesthetic, color and tone but accents it in a way that stands out. It needs to get your attention – but not by screaming at you the entire time.  

I also checked out an Emma study about The Simple Psychology behind a Great Call to Action. Here’s a few things I found particularly interesting:

  • There isn’t a specific color that’s best for a CTA – but whatever it is, it should give viewers a certain feeling. For example – blue builds trust and security, while orange is associated with things that are inexpensive.

  • Use first person. One study said this can boost conversion rates up to 90 percent. When you utilize first person, you’re thinking from the reader’s perspective, not the marketer’s. “Download my guide,” for example, would be more effective than “Download your guide.”

Our strategists run A/B tests to see how call to actions perform based on their location on the page, their size and color and the accompanying text. Check out these success stories:

What types of CTAs have you seen the most success with? Let us know in the comments – and check back every Monday for our weekly Content and Coffee.