Jordan Acevedo

Hey everyone, Jordan here with your weekly Content and Coffee. Q4 is a busy time for me in sales, because I’m speaking with marketers who are in the middle of their big end of year campaigns, while also working on next year’s budgets.

If you’re in budget-planning mode – you’ll want to listen to my four top reasons why you can’t afford to leave video out.

As budgets rise, so does competition

Nearly two-thirds of marketing executives plan to increase their investments in digital videos in the upcoming year. As more brands invest in video, audiences have come to expect this form of media when they’re looking at products on your site.


More people watch videos

In fact, consumers spend 5.5 hours watching videos every day on average, and about 20 percent of that time is spent on digital content.

Marketers say it’s working

And luckily, marketers say it’s working Why? Because good video strategies – emphasis on good – are proving successful. 70 percent of companies see more conversions from video than any other format. For one of our clients, video blogs get 3x as many pages per visit and 4x the visit duration. And another client’s videos see a 34 percent lower bounce rate than the site average.

Lift other channels with video

Building a web presence isn’t limited to your website – you want content that’s going to get cross-channel action. Want links? Want shares? Video’s going to help with both of these forms of engagement. Consider this:

Infographic-image-3x-links (1)
  • On social media video has taken over. Simply Measured reported earlier this year that video shares have increased 43 percent on Facebook.

Let me know where video’s playing a role in your strategy – and if you’re not investing in video in next year’s budget, I’m really curious to hear why. Thanks for watching – and don’t forget to sign up for the Content Marketzine below – so you can get Content & Coffee weekly in your inbox.