Joe Meloni

The impact of the mobile device on purchase decisions is becoming greater and greater. According to a study from Google and Ipsos, 46 percent of consumers turned to their smartphones to research a purchase decision during the holiday shopping season.

The amount of time spent on these devices is leading to greater use of the devices to actually purchase the items. Forty-one percent of respondents said they researched an item on their smartphone, before purchasing it with their handset as well.

Mobile devices’ impact on purchase decisions and their ability to direct prospects through the conversion funnel grows every day. With the results of Google and Ipsos’ report, it’s clear that research for purchases or other investments never really stops.

Many of these users are turning to search engines on their phones or even tablets to find information on products. Targeting these prospects requires a simple adjustment of a content marketing strategy to include mobile-friendly keywords.

The need to make this adjustment is quickly becoming apparent, as Brafton recently reported that Google expects more than 1 billion people to use a smartphone as a primary web access point this year.