Lauren Kaye

It might seem too good to be true: You create some social media content about your brand’s products or services and followers are more likely to buy them. But there is mounting data to back up this idea.

Last year, Brafton reported that 40 percent of people said social posts influenced their purchase decisions and that figure has climbed to 62 percent this year. Marketers must respond to this data by investing in their social media presences and building audiences full of advocates to share updates and drive conversions.

Data compiled by Harris Interactive about the Webby Awards revealed that nearly two-thirds of people between the ages of 18 and 44 said they’re more likely to buy items after seeing friends’ social media posts about them. This kind of product sharing is also becoming habitual, with 45 percent of people admitting they use social networks as an outlet to share opinions and pictures of items they’ve tested or purchased.

Marketers must be engaging enough to earn and keep followers in the first place.

While consumers are clearly doing their part to distribute information about products and services, marketers must be engaging enough to earn and keep followers in the first place. Brafton recently reported that user participation is by and large outpacing overall social media growth, which means people are interacting at a higher volume and frequency.

Every conversation is a chance to spark brand advocacy and encourage a social media user to propel product information across the web. As we’ve seen – these Posts and Tweets are becoming more influential in the way customers vote with their dollars.