Joe Meloni

A report from Leo J. Shapiro & Associates found that 66 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to find information about products while shopping. The study further details the myriad reasons consumers turn to the mobile web;, most of which deal with finding information related to purchases and finding value. This might be a taken as evidence that internet marketers can reach on-the-go shoppers at the moment purchase decisions are being made.

Seventy-two percent of respondents that use their devices while shopping said they look up products on the web to find facts and features related to the items they’re buying. Meanwhile, 54 percent said they access product reviews and other content discussing the product.

The mobile web provides an instant gateway to product and price comparisons, which 52 percent of respondents said was their main focus when using their smartphones for research while in stores.

For marketers, actively creating content that appeals to prospective can help improve their standing on mobile SERPs as well as the traditional web. As the internet-enabled device market grows, more people will likely turn to the mobile web to find information. Developing a strong web presence will be increasingly important to reaching audiences looking for brand info as they shop.

In addition to website content, social media marketing can appeal to smartphone owners with 17 percent of respondents saying they pose questions on Facebook, Twitter and other networks while shopping.

Brafton recently reported that more than 72 percent of social users follow or Like brands. Using the channel to appeal to smartphone owners can help organizations appeal to those browsing social networks for information while looking to making purchase.