Joe Meloni

A report from BrightEdge found that 77 percent of the top 100 global brands currently have Google+ Pages accounts, after the platform became available to businesses and organizations in early November.

While the figures are still 22 percent lower than Facebook, which boasts 93 percent, the rapid adoption bodes well for the social media marketing capability of Google+ moving forward. One of the few top 100 brands without a Facebook page is, not surprisingly, Google. Others include IBM and Vodafone. The only company without either is Marlboro, as the tobacco corporation has chosen not to partake in social media marketing in any form.

According to BrightEdge, companies using Google+ successfully include Starbucks and Pepsi, both of which have made substantial improvements to their Circles in the last month. However, Google+ users are still not following Pages as often as Facebook fan business pages. The study found that 222,000 Google+ users are in the Circles of businesses, while more than 300 million Facebook users are fans of brands on the website.

Brafton reported in November that 61 percent of the top 100 brands had Google+ accounts at that point. While Google+ has made improvements in terms of the amount of businesses using its platform for social media marketing, it has not successfully challenged other prominent social media websites in terms of user base just yet.