With one week left until the SMX West conference begins news is still filtering in on speakers who will be participating in the event.

Craig Hordlow of Red Bricks Media will be presenting a session at the conference entitled Analyzing and Converting SEO Traffic which will focus on search engine optimization (SEO)and Google Analytics to create targeted content to attract a larger audience.

"I’m very excited to speak at SMX West," said Hordlow. "I believe one of the largest missed opportunities is a granular understanding of a searcher’s specific motive, and how to identify and analyze it. Without a precise understanding of motive, messaging is compromised at the expense of conversions."

The SMX West conference begins next Tuesday and ends Wednesday February 12th in Santa Clara, California.

In addition to multiple sessions and various speakers who will be at the event, the conference will have networking opportunities for attendees both in person and online.

The conference is also offering a guarantee to all attendees that they will be satisfied with their experience at the event. Those not satisfied can get credit toward a future SMX conference.