To stand out from the many other blogs and article marketers online, a business must supply readers with authoritative and useful pieces of writing, an expert has commented.

Dr Deepak Dutta, creator of, a resource which helps marketers build links, explained in an article he submitted to a number of websites.

A good quality article will offer readers benefits and not be overly lengthy and detailed, he explained.

However, Dr Dutta warned businesses not to be tempted to upload low quality articles, features and content to their websites just for the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

"People will lose trust on your materials. In the future, trust will be one of the most important factors in generating sustainable online incomes," he added.

Recently, web marketing agency Majon International commented that well-written articles offer an unsurpassed means of generating inbound links, boosting SEO and increasing a website’s traffic.

It added that useful content can have a long-lasting positive effect on a website’s traffic and business.