Search engines are the first place most business to business (B2B) buyers will look for a product or service, an expert has claimed.

Managing partner of consulting firm Ascend2 Sergio Balegno made his comments following research by his firm which suggested there is a lack of search engine optimization (SEO) services designed specifically for companies.

He stated that more than three-quarters of business buyers will hunt for products through a search engine when they first begin looking.

“For companies that sell to other companies, gaining search engine exposure during the early stages of the customer buying process has become critically important”, Ascend2’s report claimed.

Earlier this year, Galen De Young suggested through his B2B SEO blog that it is vital marketers develop keyword strategies which will attract all levels of B2B purchasers.

The managing director of consultancy firm Francis SEO stated that often four or more people will be involved in the purchase decision.

SEO strategies must consider the different keywords buyers with different perspectives may use, he urged.