Online marketers eager to optimize their site’s search engine rankings have been given a number of hints and tips by sector commentator Mark Jackson.

Writing on web resource, he explains that search engines want to rank a website based on copy and that people eager to carry out effective search engine optimization (SEO) should take this into consideration.

"The search engines want you to have at least 150 words of copy on a given web page, with a decent percentage of these words including the keywords that you want to be found for when people are searching," Mr Jackson adds.

Continuing, he explains that social media should also be used to full effect, noting that a blog can be a useful means by which to promote a site to a wide audience.

This sentiment is echoed by consumer analysis firm JupiterResearch, which recently noted that such media channels are increasingly becoming an important marketing platform for web-based retailers, with firms making use of the popularity of sites such as Facebook to carry out advertising campaigns.