Financial search engine went public earlier today, with the company announcing that it would be looking into expanding the search engine’s worldwide reach.

Unlike competing search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, focuses primarily on financial news and trends. As the company moves forward, it is aiming to take on more international financial news, allowing users to find information on precious metals, articles on the global economy, and popular exchange rates all in one place.

"Users have been most positive about our emphasis on providing this type of information," says the company president, Adrian Fuller. "We are confident the popularity of our search portal will increase as we continue to add additional functionality and features to it going forward." will also be running a series of giveaways to promote the site, giving away cash and cars to qualified users of the website.

For those in the business of search engine optimization (SEO), represents yet another search engine that websites could be optimized for. The search engine space is quickly becoming complex, with Microsoft’s Bing search engine launching last year, and rumors indicating that Apple may be launching a search engine as well.