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Unique and compelling content published on your website drives organic search optimization and improves rankings for keywords and phrases in the search engines. How do we know? Google says so – check out Google’s Webmaster Central Blog and then find out why Brafton’s news content marketing should be central to your organic search engine optimization strategy.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Brafton’s in-house newsroom journalists write custom content, news, blogs and articles that are published in full on your website, indexed by search engines and shared across social media.

To maximize the visibility of the content we write for you, a keyword strategy and content guidelines are established and updated on an ongoing basis in your editorial brief. This brief enables us to write articles that both engage a specific target audience and are cached by search engines to deliver traffic and conversions to your website.

Link Bait

When an article is written for your website and delivered by XML feed, you retain it as a local page. Our flexible license terms allow you to utilize our content to build up your website as a rich, informative resource that attracts inbound links.

The benefit of storing articles locally and continuously building on the content will be recognizable right away. In many cases, articles that are months or even years old can still bring in quality web traffic that is more likely to convert. In effect, archived content pages become information beacons to your website that gain strength as more people and entities link to them.

Measurable Results

Brafton’s account management and social marketing teams provide you with custom reports that track the progress of your campaigns and demonstrate the SEO benefits of your site and social content. They offer consultancy and advice to drive engagement and conversion at no additional charge.