Joe Meloni

A report from Nielsen found that the amount of blogs on the web has risen substantially in the last five years, according to market research firm Nielsen. Based on data it gathered in 2011, Nielsen found that 181 million blogs are currently active on the web, compared to 36 million measured in 2006. The trend speaks to the need for brands to develop content marketing strategies that will make them stand out on the web.

Businesses looking to use blog content marketing have more competition than ever before in terms of being discovered and drawing traffic to their websites. Moreover, blogging practices have become more refined, forcing companies to develop strong strategies for their SEO content marketing campaigns.

Among the key findings of Nielsen’s study is evidence that women are more likely to manage blogs than men. Moreover, many are well educated, holding bachelor’s degrees at the very least. Social media marketing also plays a major role in the sharing of content with bloggers among the most active groups on the web.

According to Nielsen, the growth of Pinterest as a social media marketing platform has helped businesses inform their content even further. The rise of the network points to the value of visual content, and brands will likely find audience overlap as Nielsen claims 92 percent of Pinterest users are also likely to visit online retailers’ sites in a given month.

Brafton recently reported that Pinterest’s user base has grown to nearly 12 million users, and it’s expected to grow even further in the coming months.