Keywords and link building are the "hallmarks" of good search engine optimization (SEO) and blogs incorporate both of these easily, an expert has asserted.

Writing for USA Today, industry commentator Steve Strauss commented that prior to the evolution of the blog, there were very few ways to create a personal relationship with clients.

Now, however, many small companies are using a corporate journal to build bonds and create consumer loyalty, he continued.

As well as boosting a website’s SEO efforts, a company blog can make the firm appear authoritative while offering it the opportunity to market its own products, Mr Strauss noted.

He urged firms to ensure their blogs are frank, conversational and insightful.

Marketing agency Bear Canyon SEO reports that blogs work in a number of ways to boost the firm’s position within search engines.

It notes that a committed blog contains regular installments of fresh information, which search engines look for when determining rankings.

Furthermore, blogs can create inbound links to a website, boosting traffic.