How does a city trying to bounce back from the recession boost job generation and local brands to reach recovery? Cincinnati-based officials are looking to kill two birds with one stone by creating jobs for marketers to both reduce the city’s unemployment rates and promote community businesses.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has called on Cincinnati companies to create marketing positions that will both reinvigorate businesses and generate job opportunities in the area. Local NBC affiliate WLWT reports that the governor and business leaders in the area recently announced the state’s $250,000 grant to assist the creation of a consumer marketing hub in Cincinnati.

The hub is anticipated to help generate 200,000 jobs by 2020 with global brand-building partners, including Bridge Worldwide, Lando and consumer marketing service AC Nielsen/ Buzzmetrics. Officials hope to attract new talent to the region, with Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory telling the source, "Cincinnati is known around the world for our consumer goods corporations. From P&G to Macy’s, to Kroger, to Landor, to LPK – Cincinnati is a worldwide leader in this area."

Marketers who are ready to head to the Midwest for job opportunities may be well-advised to show off their consumer marketing skills, as that will be the focus of Cincinnati’s new hub positions.

Notably, B2B magazine recently reported that the interview is often the most critical component of client-side marketing job applications. Marketing staffing service company, the Creative Group, told the source that this in-person opportunity to speak "passionately about previous accomplishments" and "ask thoughtful questions about the company" can make or break a candidate.