The benefits of combining multiple varieties of adverts on a webpage have been noted by Microsoft.

In a recent post on the software firm’s adCenter blog, Carolyn Taylor from the site’s community team explains that blending search, display and context adverts can be beneficial in terms of brand, message and ad recall – as well as purchase intent.

Citing a case study involving Office Depot, she explains combining the three channels is more effective than using just two.

Mr Taylor notes that when combining search, display and content adverts, ad recall increased by 46.5 percent, brand recall lifted by 49.1 percent and message recall rose by 19.7 percent.

This resulted in a 21.6 percent incremental climb in intent to purchase.

In recent days, a study carried out for Google by Enquiro Research indicated that test readers’ intent to purchase a certain brand was increased by almost a quarter (24 percent) when augmented with adverts that were relevant to the content of a website.