A new survey finds that while the overwhelming majority of ecommerce companies say that search engine optimization is a part of their marketing efforts, many do not understand the concept.

According to the new survey from practical ecommerce, 94 percent of companies said they used search engine optimization (SEO), with 62.4 percent saying it accounted for half of their website’s traffic.

But the survey also found that companies did not understand the difference between good search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and what could be considered unethical.

"For example … 53.9 percent of those surveyed said that keyword stuffing, another poor and potentially unethical practice, was at least somewhat effective," the website reported.

Virginia Nussey of Bruce Clay Inc, said the findings were troublesome and reiterates the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) training.

"Years into the development of the SEO industry, there are still snake oil salesmen promising number one rankings through shady techniques like purchasing links and keyword stuffing," she told the website.

Recently it was reported that cybercriminals had used black hat SEO tactics to direct people to Google Video which would download malware onto their computer.