Lauren Kaye

Most marketers know customers’ purchase decisions are more circuitous than ever, which is why it’s so important to get on their radar early and resurface ​often with relevant content. According to a study by Google and Inmar, the number of sources people consult before buying is rapidly increasing.

In 2010, the average buyer checked five sources before making a purchase. By 2013, that number had grown to 12. And in 2014, when there are nearly 18 billion desktop searches a month according to comScore, consumers are taking in more information than ever to make smarter buying choices.

People used to rely primarily on word-of-mouth recommendations or just buy from the stores they trusted.  Now, they’re shopping around for the best prices, waiting for exclusive deals and reading multiple product reviews.

To reach buyers on this varied journey, brands need cross-channel marketing campaigns. By creating content for search, social and email, they can engage customers when they’re:

  • Search​ing​ for specific product reviews
  • Researching product specs on a company’s website
  • Reading brand emails for exclusive promotions
  • Browsing information on social media
  • Looking to make a purchase online

With customers planning to spend upwards of $800 this year on holiday gifts (check out this post for more details), there’s huge opportunity for companies to make the most of 2014. Marketers who are poised and ready with web content across all the channels their customers use will be the ones to make the biggest impact.

Here’s our guide to creating and distributing content for maximum impact this holiday season: Your emergency checklist for last-minute holiday marketing.