Content is always an aspect of marketing, whether for the web, print or television, an expert has asserted.

Industry commentator Meenakshi Wali made her remarks in an article for online resource PromotionWorld, noting that good online text can encourage readers to click on a link by attracting their attention.

However, she warned that writing for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes is very different to creating content for other platforms as it has to incorporate the keywords which will allow the page to rank highly during searches.

"Content writing is an essential tool of [SEO] services, as the websites are generally ranked in the search engines only after they are evaluated to have content that [is] genuine and original," Ms Wali added.

Digital agency Pandia recently highlighted suggestions by marketing authority Heather Lloyd-Martin, urging businesses check a copywriter’s SEO experience, ask for references and request more than one sample.