Lauren Kaye

Marketers are strategic and savvy. They spot opportunities and determine how to execute campaigns that keep their brands ahead of the curve. However, marketers on both the B2B and B2C side seem to struggle with the actual production of digital content at scale, according to recent reports from The Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 Trends Report.

Tasks that B2B and B2Cs outsource most often.
Marketers have a case of writer’s block

Around 63 percent of B2C marketers are most likely to outsource writing over any other content creation task like editing, distribution and analytics measurement. Time constraints are often the culprit, as 57 percent say they don’t have enough hours in the day to carry out campaigns, but experience is another stumbling block. More than half (51 percent) admit they struggle to produce brand content that engages readers.

B2B marketers seem to be slightly less adept at content, as 64 percent list writing as the function they outsource most often. More B2Bs than B2Cs – 69 percent – say they don’t have enough time to write, but they have a better handle on readers’ expectations than their consumer-facing marketing counterparts. Only 47 percent say it’s a challenge to create content that engages audiences.

… and no eye for design?

Writing isn’t the only arena in which marketers feel they need a little assistance. Design was the task that both B2C and B2B marketers said they outsource second-most often, 41 percent and 54 percent, respectively. This goes along a recent Brafton article, which found videos and graphics were the most-often outsourced types of content, but it contradicts the idea that writing reigns are handed over most frequently.

Visual content, once used to supplement written marketing collateral, is coming to the forefront of strategies because internet users seek (and love) interactive formats. As brands bring graphics and videos into their regular production cycles, they may need to recruit more in-house help or outsource design duties to larger agencies.

There’s no longer a doubt in marketers’ minds that content is the lifeblood of their web presences and SEO success, but they aren’t always prepared to execute a sophisticated editorial calendar of multimedia formats. This is often the tipping point at which it makes sense to enlist in the help of outsourced teams, so marketers can stick to their strengths.