Joe Meloni

Ecommerce companies are optimistic about the potential for success during the upcoming holiday shopping season. According to B2B ecommerce solutions provider Alibaba, 64 percent of ecommerce vendors in the United States said they will include optimistic approaches to social media marketing to drive sales and keep customers cheerful despite still lagging consumer confidence.

Seventy percent of ecommerce marketers have said they altered their offerings in the last year to adjust for market trends and target consumer needs. As such, many have avoided marketing campaigns, whether in store or on the web, that were overly focused on spending and more on savings and necessity.

While the economy is still struggling in some regards, web marketing campaigns will focus on optimistic language woven into email and social media marketing campaigns. Forty-two percent said they will use social media content as a primary driver of sales. Specifically, Facebook (61 percent), Twitter (21 percent) and YouTube (13 percent) are the most popular social platforms of enterprise use, according to Alibaba’s research.

With the so many businesses turning to social for the holidays, Google+’s announcement that businesses can now leverage the platform with Pages may provide an additional tool for exposure. Brafton recently reported that Google+ has more than 40 million users, and the launch of Pages will likely drive further growth