Email messages are a good way to boost a firm’s social media marketing efforts, an expert has remarked.

Aaron Kahlow, a managing partner with consultancy Business Online, made his comments to marketing magazine BtoB, suggesting that email provides the "perfect" partner for Web 2.0 campaigns.

"Perhaps most important is the use of email to send social media (video, blogs, podcasts, etc.)," he continued.

"Some of the most effective business case studies are being generated with social media embedded in emails," Mr Kahlow added.

Earlier this week, Jason Heller, the executive vice-president of advertising agency Laredo Group, told Media Post that although social media is an exciting platform, targeting it is not simple.

Success through Web 2.0 relies on participation and immersion, and depends on an organization to contribute to the community, he continued.

However, Mr Heller warned that not using the platform well could result in a negative response and mean a firm fails in front of potentially valuable and vocal consumers.