Firms often find themselves neglecting their email marketing due to time constraints, however it is a "vital" aspect of any business, an expert has claimed.

Nick Stamoulis, the owner of marketing agency Brick Marketing, made his comments through the company blog, urging promoters to create a calendar planning their email efforts and stick to it.

He suggested firms write copy when their business is quiet so that they have email marketing messages ready to send when they are busy.

Furthermore, Mr Stamoulis recommended firms consider hiring professional writers.

He commented: "Often, you’ll be able find someone who writes far better than you for a very decent fee. Think about it, which is more productive for you, running your business or writing email marketing copy?"

Recently, direct marketing agency VerticalResponse warned that there are many factors affecting the success of an email marketing campaign.

It highlighted the importance of content rather than images in reassuring both the recipient and any spam filters that an email is genuine.