Companies should tailor the content of their email newsletters to each subscriber, an expert has advised.

Newsletter specialist Denise Cox explained that software is available which can create individualized dynamic content mailings, personalized for each recipient.

A more simple way to personalize email newsletters is to give the same update different subject headings dependent on what will appeal to the subscriber.

Response rates can also be improved by "segmenting" emails – sending different emails to different types of subscriber.

For example consumers could be separated by region, business sector or position within a company.

She added that even for those who cannot individually-tailor content, each update should contain information relevant to clients at each stage in the business relationship with the company to ensure it is of interest to them all.

This will add value to a firm’s relationships with its clients by improving customer loyalty and up-selling other services, she adds.

According to the Internet Online Business blog, good email headlines include questions, teasers, straight-talking, incentives or personalization.