Firms looking to boost their business to business (B2B) interaction through social media need engaging content, an expert has remarked.

Tim Weller, the group chief executive of Incisive Media, made his comments to E-consultancy, explaining that his organisation uses a model which requires every online page to contain seven ways to make money.

He explained that this could range from encouraging participation and increasing a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) to lead generation and data collection.

"I think Web 2.0 is about engagement and interaction," Mr Weller added.

Earlier this year, industry reporter Cheryline Lawson told the American Chronicle that, although fresh content is vital to SEO and online marketing, few companies have time to write such copy.

She explained that firms may want to consider outsourcing their writing requirements to ensure they publish content their clients find interesting and which search engines will pick up on.

Ms Lawson noted that daily blog posts can help raise a website within Google’s rankings.