Although search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost effective way for companies to reach their customers, one expert says enterprise just doesn’t embrace the concept.

"When it comes to SEO, enterprise companies don’t seem to care or are clueless or both," Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts told TechCrunchIT.

Spencer says one of the other issue for enterprise is that they are not hiring the right people to implement their SEO solutions.

"Part of the problem lies in that the Fortune 500 enterprises rely on their ad agencies for the ‘interactive’ stuff but the agencies don’t know how to integrate SEO requirements with branding," he said.

According to Spencer, search engine optimization (SEO) is especially important to large retail companies, but most don’t take advantage of it.

For example companies like Lands End or LL Bean do not show up as the top results after a search for "yellow queen size flannel sheets." Instead, sites like eBay, which sell the product from those companies appear.

This seems to match a recent study from Internet Engine which found that online retailers performed a much better job of implementing SEO than their brick and mortar competitors.