Companies wanting to create a greater online buzz should consider calling in a search engine optimization (SEO) expert to guide their efforts, a businessman has said.

Business solutions consultant Terry Corbell made his comments to news resource, suggesting that boosting online marketing effort is one way to avoid declining revenues.

He recommended companies research the best keywords for their market niche and then use them across their site, advising that expert advice is likely to help refine an online strategy.

Marketers should encourage inbound links, build social network content and begin a blog, Mr Corbell urged.

Furthermore, they should "target the increasing numbers of consumers who are using mobile devices while on the road", he continued.

Businesses should check that their website is accessible through mobile phones, the business consultant concluded.

According to online marketing resource E-consultancy, an average of just 16 per cent of firms’ search marketing budget is allocated to organic methods.

It expressed concern that firms are failing to use the best SEO tactic in favor of the simplest and urged marketers to maintain a high level of online visibility using methods such as original content creation.