Facebook is offering social media marketers some insight on how to increase brand engagement and generate traffic and sales with the social giant. The document, titled Best Practice Guide: Marketing on Facebook, offers marketers tips on how to maximize the results of their Facebook marketing campaigns.

The company outlines different ways that marketers might use Facebook to promote their businesses. For instance, it has a section devoted to how marketers can generate awareness for their Facebook pages and, in turn, for their brands. Among other things, the company instructs marketers looking to attract users to their Facebook pages to integrate social plugins onto their content pages and run Sponsored Stories. (Notably, Brafton has reported that Sponsored Stories boast high CTRs, which speaks to the value of social recommendations.)

Facebook also offers insight on how marketers might increase traffic and sales from Facebook marketing. It advises that businesses create a social experience to the point of purchase – and ecommerce options are a Facebook focus this year.

The Best Practice Guide also offers insight on how marketers can build brand loyalty, strengthen customer relationships, gain word-of-web referrals and use Facebook to get more information about their target audiences. Each of these sections highlights the importance of generating quality social content and fostering user-generated content. Quite simply, Facebook encourages marketers to “Create great content that encourage sharing, and keep it fresh.”

Social content is key to social media marketing across platforms, as well as to SEO efforts. Experts at this year’s Affiliate Summit West conference emphasized the value of relevant social content, and Google’s Matt Cutts has said (on several occasions) that publishing content on social media can improve search rankings.