Brafton recently reported that Twitter is rapidly gaining users, which indicates that marketing Tweets stand to reach a broad audience. Still, recent data from suggests that social giant Facebook is the most effective sharing channel for brands investing in social media marketing.

According to Eventbrite's social commerce numbers, the company's Facebook sharing activity was equal to almost four times the volume of sharing on Twitter. The company speculates that this is because Facebook boasts the broadest reach, and also because Mark Zuckerberg's site is designed to mirror personal relationships.

In addition to boasting a greater amount of shares, Facebook proved to offer the most valuable shares. The company saw measurable ROI from both Twitter and Facebook, but one Tweet proved to be worth about 60 percent of a Like in terms of raw dollars generated per share. The company expects the dollar value of a Like will continue to gain ground as Facebook evolves the method in which sharing-related information is displayed in news feeds.

Indeed, Likes and surrounding conversations can be further amplified on the web thanks to a recent Facebook update. As Brafton reported, Like-driven comments are now distributed to both a website and Facebook homepages as social users have brand conversations.