Joe Meloni

At its Facebook Marketing Conference, Facebook unveiled ads for its various mobile devices after months of speculation, according to Marketing Land

The ads themselves will be similar to those served on the website. However, the location of the spots will be different, as the mobile app offers considerably less space to work with. They will likely appear within a user’s news feed, based on the company’s comments at fMC.

Marketing Land reported that advertising revenue for Facebook topped $3.7 billion in 2011, and the addition of mobile ads will likely help the company improve this figure in 2012. Moreover, Facebook predicts that click-through rates will improve five to 10 times within the insertion of ads on the mobile news feed page.

For businesses relying on social media marketing, the addition of mobile ads for Facebook provides a new option to generate clicks and exposure for web content. Moreover, mobile social media ads will likely become more competitive.

Brafton recently reported that Twitter has also rolled out Promoted Tweets for most of its mobile apps. According to the company, they will not be available on the iPad immediately, but all iPhones and Android-powered device users will soon see Promoted Tweets on their apps.