Companies which suddenly find themselves uprooted from the top place in search engine results should fight back with content, an expert has urged.

Fred Greenhalgh, internet marketing and communications manager at online promotions firm Hall, made his comments via his company blog.

He called upon firms which find themselves suddenly beaten to the top spot to become proactive and fill their sites with useful content to climb back to the top of the ratings.

"Many businesses struggle with writer’s block, frustration with the task of writing and coming to grips with what web users expect to get out of their website," Mr Greenhalgh acknowledged.

Firms should focus on providing customers with up-to-date news or a regular blog, filled with relevant, industry-specific content, the search engine optimization expert continued.

Recently, Craig Cannings, founder of ESalesGuru Ventures, asserted via his company blog that the most useful search engine optimization tool available is a "steady stream" of relevant and keyworded content.

He commented that although this advice is often given, it remains the most important aspect of search marketing.