Joe Meloni

Social check-in service foursquare recently rolled out a new feature that allows users to monitor their check-in history. According to foursquare, this will help users remember places they shopped or ate at, which could drive them back to these locations.

The feature includes the ability to filter history based on who a user was with when he or she checked into a local business. In general, the move is aimed at allowing foursquare users to interact with the site and visit businesses they like more frequently.

Users can already access the feature, and foursquare said that it will soon make more adjustments to allow users to filter the search even further.

Companies using social media marketing and other web campaigns should encourage their customers to check in on the social network upon arriving at their store locations. Aside from the capability the new check-in history offers, the general appeal of seeing friends and other social contacts frequently mentioning a business can be crucial.

Brafton recently reported that foursquare has been aggressive in terms of making its network more searchable for users. Among the adjustments includes a feature that allows consumers to search the foursquare database for reviews and other content generated by fellow users.