Writing content for global search engine optimization (SEO) presents different challenges to country-specific web marketing, an expert suggests.

Julie Batten, the e-marketing manager at Klick Communications, writing for the ClickZ Network, notes many marketers now want website content to be supplied in different languages, to ensure visibility overseas.

However, she warns this is not as easy as simply directly translating the existing copy, as doing so does not take into account the "unique local verbage".

Furthermore, the expert claims the international keyword tools available are "paltry", making it sometimes harder to succeed.

Some search engines also give more credence to websites hosted in the relevant country, Ms Batten states.

"A site hosted in a specific country will always be more prominently listed in those local search results than in foreign-country search results," she adds.

Earlier this year, online resource HR Search Marketing suggested localization requires more than updating the language.

It argued that cultural differences must be considered when targeting a different country with online marketing.