Joe Meloni

Earlier this week, Google announced the addition of +1 buttons to display ads running through its network. The feature will allow users to recommend a company’s landing page content on their Google+ accounts.

The value of keyword-rich, informative landing pages has been a frequent discussion topic of late. The company recently announced adjustments to its AdWords Quality Score to focus on landing page relevancy. Now, Google’s addition of the +1 button to ads places an even greater emphasis on ad relevancy and quality site content.

Overall, +1’s on ads positions companies to gain social shares without resourcing beyond the production of the landing pages. For businesses using content marketing, the focus typically falls on their updated blog posts or timely articles. However, placing the same focus on the quality of evergreen content, such as landing pages and a company bios, will generally make a website even stronger and more appealing to prospects and search algorithms alike.

In August, Brafton reported that the inclusion of deep links in search results was another step Google took to encourage the creation of quality content throughout a website. For top search results, Google now includes six links to popular landing pages on a site, and marketers should pay attention to the quality of deep content accordingly.