Google’s Chrome browser attracted just under two million US users in the first week after its launch, new figures indicate.

Data from Nielsen Online shows 1.93 million Americans – 73 percent of them male – visited the "Thank You" page associated with the search engine firm’s offering.

Almost 1.4 percent of all US users who went online during the period from September 1st – 7th 2008 visited the page, which typically indicates a download.

In addition to this, consumers immediately headed to blogosphere to discuss the new browser, Nielsen notes.

Commenting on the findings, Jon Stewart, research director of technology and search at Nielsen Online, said the interest in all things Google was made apparently in the web discussion surrounding the launch of Chrome.

"The browser was mentioned in nearly one percent of all online discussions the day after its launch – a respectable slightly-more-than-half of what the highly anticipated iPhone 3G generated when it launched earlier this summer", he added.

Google is due to launch its own branded cell phone, based around its own Android software next week.