Regularly-updated "original and compelling" content helps improve search engine rankings, according to Google’s AdSense blog.

This is because it will be recognized by Google and might compel others to link to a certain page, the search engine giant announced in new guidance detailing how to rise up the list of results.

Writing on the Google AdSense Blog, the company revealed that there are a number of different formulas it uses to judge the relevance of a certain website.

Another way to ensure a good ranking in the results pulled up is to ensure that the sites linking to a company’s website are good quality and well-used.

In addition, outgoing links should always be relevant to the website and of interest to those who might be visiting it, the blog revealed.

Other tips given by the firm include creating a sitemap and using tools created by Google for building clear and useful websites.

According to e-consultancy, search engine optimization offers a number of benefits including brand visibility, fixed-cost marketing, cost-effective advertising, ensuring an accessible website and increasing credibility.