Brafton recently reported that Google’s Matt Cutts shared insight on top tips for SEO in 2011, and site speed is key to search optimization. Now, Google has announced it is offering Page Speed for Chrome to help developers make their sites faster on Google’s browser.

The company explained that Page Speed – a service that helps developers optimize their site speeds through best practices – has long been available for other browsers. Now the company is responding to demand by offering the 1.4 million unique Page Speed users a feature for Chrome.

“If your site serves different content based on the browser’s user agent, you now have a good method for page performance analysis as seen by different browsers,” explain Matthew Steele and Richard Rabbat of Google’s Page Speed team.

This should come as good news to internet marketers looking to optimize their site speeds. Google Chrome is becoming one of the most widely used browsers on the web. Recent figures from Net Market Share indicate it accounts for 10.9 percent of the market and is growing.

In addition to using Page Speed to optimize for Chrome, there are a number of strategies SEO marketers can employ to make their sites faster. (For more, see Brafton’s related blog articles on site speed primers.)