One marketer has offered advice on how organizations can best make their online videos more accessible by search engines.

Speaking to MarketingSherpa, search marketing manager Derek Fulford explained that a good place to start is educating the company’s video team on the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).

This can include information on using keywords in video titles and filenames, as well as how to create keyword-heavy video content descriptions.

It is also essential to conduct thorough keyword research and focus on specific terms rather than generic ones, while hosting each clip on its own page can help to create unique landing pages that can contain HTML content with keywords, Mr Fulford said.

Creating eye-catching, keyword-rich titles and descriptions and enabling video tagging and user comments can help search engines to further pick up on the exact content of the video page.

Video transcripts and sitemaps were also recommended by Mr Fulford as a good way of boosting SEO – and these elements could also be a boon for those wanting to improve website accessibility.

According to ABI Research, 63 percent of US online households now stream videos through a browser, compared with 32 percent in 2007.