Email marketing must be carefully conducted in order to avoid damaging a company’s brand, a new report has warned.

New York-based firm Zrinity – which provides servers for email marketing campaigns – has published a best practice guide to business communications and warned that some widely-used tactics can have a negative effect.

Although many firms believe if their return on investment (ROI) is good then their marketing techniques are working, Zrinity warned that they run the risk of damaging their online identity.

Rob Thrasher, managing director of the company, commented that some companies are placing short-term ROI above their brand’s reputation – a move he described as "ludicrous".

"Most email campaigns generating a fairly high ROI are causing irreversible damage to your company’s brand and long-term profitability as you burn your lists," he added.

Previously, Mark Brownlow, of Email Marketing Reports, told E-consultancy that companies which email out newsletters as part of their marketing campaign should never resort to poor content.

Clients could begin to "resent the meaningless intrusion", causing them to mark such communications as spam, he warned.