Inserting appropriate keywords into a website is essential for search engine optimization (SEO), an expert argues.

Graham Charlton, a researcher for the online marketing resource e-consultancy, explains SEO is about targeting relevant and appropriate words and phrases, which consumers could be looking for.

He suggests businesses which are new to online marketing should consider bringing in outside help if they are planning to climb the search results.

"If a business is just starting off and doesn’t know what they’re doing with search engine optimization, it’s best that they get someone to do that side of things for them," Mr Charlton recommends.

Recently, search giant Google acknowledged that SEO agencies can provide companies with a useful service, which could help their online ranking.

It explained they can be particularly useful in developing content, researching appropriate keywords and managing online campaigns.

Webmasters can also consider paying to appear in the search results of certain keywords, Google highlighted, but these appear separately to the organic results.