It seems one way to get quick responses from email recipients is to make it clear that an email’s offerings come with an expiration date. Recent data from Experian CheetahMail shows that time-limited offers in email subject lines prompt the quickest responses.

The survey shows that 59 percent of transactions and 55 percent of generated revenues occur in the first day of email receipt for emails with time sensitive offers included in subject lines. Coupons also proved effective in quickly converting recipients into customers – 31 percent of email coupon revenues earned come in the first day an email is read, says Experian CheetahMail.

Using coupons and time-sensitive offers to get consumers to make same-day purchases may be necessary to overall email marketing success. The study also found that nearly half of all transactions generated by emails occur within the first day of email receipt.

Notably, the transactions prompted by emails may be happening offline. A recent report from e-Dialog shows that 58 percent of consumers have been driven to make in-store or phone purchases by marketing emails. These findings would indicate it is increasingly important for marketers to integrate email campaigns with both digital and offline platforms for maximum ROI.