Ted Karczewski

Facebook posts that feature images receive 84 percent more clicks than text-only updates, encouraging businesses to include more visual content in their social media marketing campaigns. LinkedIn looks to cash in on this trend with a new feature that allows users to upload various types of media to their professional Pages. While the social network hasn’t announced the new feature publicly, LinkedIn members will notice the function from the moment they visit their accounts.

We logged into LinkedIn this morning to notice that users can publish projects, photos and presentations to their brands’ Pages. To access this function, users click the “paperclip” symbol to the right of the “share an update” box.

Brands will love this update as it provides new opportunities to showcase their custom content, whether video media, infographics or PowerPoint presentations. The feature could be the first of many new slight changes to the breadth of marketing options on LinkedIn. When more content can be shared among networks, professionals may find it easier to discover potential partners, prospects and new hires through the platform.