Online marketers should ensure they take any feedback from their consumers on board, a sector commentator has urged.

Max Blumberg, a customer management strategist, said firms should listen to what their consumers are telling them.

He suggested this should include having someone on web-based forums picking up on what clients’ common complaints are.

Mr Blumberg stated this gives users a sense of "being heard" online.

He also suggested marketers make use of technology to enhance the consumer experience for users.

"It’s critical to catch this younger generation – we’re sitting on a time bomb. It’s more than just listening to what they are saying, it’s using online software to track what they are doing and where they are going and using that information to improve their experience," Mr Blumberg concludes.

The sector commentator’s points follow the publication of research by market analysis group TNS Media, which indicated US internet display advertising spend rose by eight percent during the first half of 2008.