More than eight in ten marketers anticipate increasing their use of email marketing over the next 12 months, a new survey has revealed.

Datran Media, a digital marketing firm, questioned more than 2,000 US marketing professionals and revealed more than half believe return on investment (ROI) from email marketing will exceed that of any other medium.

The findings follow another recent report by the firm which suggested ROI for an email marketing campaign in 2008 will be more than $45 for each dollar committed.

Howard Koval of marketing agency Hit Start told Datran Media: "In 2008, email will become a more significant contributor and a more important media element in the sophisticated advertiser’s marketing arsenal."

Earlier today, an expert writing in The Marketing Blog suggested firms which do not believe in the power of email marketing are not using the medium effectively.

They urged people to provide valuable and relevant content to their consumers in order to ensure the best response and product take-up.