Although search engines love fresh content, most marketers do not have time to dedicate to writing it, an expert has suggested.

Industry commentator Cheryline Lawson made her comments in an article for the American Chronicle, suggesting that outsourcing is a useful way of ensuring a website has sufficient information and articles.

Marketers are beginning to recognize the value of regular updates to their site and therefore their online success, she continued.

"A blog provides daily, weekly or monthly content updates that the search engines easily pick up and will give good search engine ranking," Ms Lawson explained.

Other useful content for search engine optimization (SEO) includes articles, press releases and blog posts, she added.

Earlier today, SEO expert Brandon Cornett told Promotion World that it is important to build a website’s content around appropriate keywords to ensure the information contributes to its visibility.

He acknowledged that producing content can be overwhelming for a firm and suggested businesses consider outsourcing their content creation requirements.