When first beginning a search engine optimization campaign, firms should consider making use of both organic and paid search techniques, an expert has urged.

Meenakshi Wali, an internet marketing solutions authority working with Rupiz Media, suggested that because organic techniques can take time to come into effect, it is a good idea to use pay-per-click strategies in the meantime.

She claimed that both marketing tactics are useful in driving traffic to a site but "it is more beneficial if the companies opt for both the listing procedures in order to show quicker results on the search engines".

However, companies operating on a budget may then choose to stop their paid search endeavors to save money once the effects of their organic methods begin to be felt, Ms Wali added.

According to Bit Wise Logic, some of the advantages of organic search include the fact that the visitors are free, unlike with pay-per-click.

Furthermore, such tactics evoke more trust, which can make it easier to encourage visitors to become customers, it adds.

However the company noted that organic search takes time and requires investment into the site, building up authoritative content.