Marketing budgets are unlikely to shrink during the seeming economic downturn, according to a number of chief marketing officers (CMOs) in the US.

A survey of such professionals, conducted by CMO Club and reported by the Business Journal, found that 71 per cent do not intend to cut their marketing budgets, despite the difficult economic environment.

Furthermore, budgets for online strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) are the least likely to be cut, the responding CMOs stated.

Pete Krainik, CMO Club founder and former boss of web advertising firm DoubleClick, commented: "There is a school of thought that says marketing is more important than ever in a recession and our survey results show that a number of companies seem to be following that philosophy."

Earlier this year, SEO agency WordsmithBob suggested that effective optimization can increase sales even within a country hit by recession.

He asserted that well-written content is one way of increasing sales and urged firms to invest in professional writers to ensure the information on their pages is attractive to search engines as well as consumers.